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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  May 25, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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and now, from washington's leading news station, this is "news4 midday." good morning and welcome to news midday, it's friday, may 25th, 2012. it appears the traffic in our area is going smoothly right now, on i-95 south, traffic is congested by still moving and on 50 east, the traffic is flying. well hundreds of thousands are expected to be behind the wheel today, one of the most popular places will be the beach. news4's megan mcgrath is live at the bay bridge, which is expected to be busy all day with traffic. megan, good morning. what's it looking like out there? things seem to be moving.
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>> reporter: actually we're this good shape here at the bridge. i'll step out of the way, you can take a look for yourself here. that's the eastbound span here. you can see the traffic is heavy, but it is definitely moving. they've opened up the other span, the westbound span, to two-way traffic. so we now have three lanes that are actually traveling towards the beach, that's helped them keep up with the pace, the increase in volume here. how long they'll be able to keep up, that remains to be seen. it's a busy day and eventually we are expecting gridlock. >> you've got everything. >> reporter: with the necessities all packed, it's time to hit the highway and hundreds of thousands are heading to the beach. >> i just feel like you're supposed to go to the beach on memorial day weekend. especially to dewey, i've been there the last four years for memorial day and it's fun. >> reporter: katie welch topped off her gas tank and doctor with this fillup, she walks away with more money in her wall et.
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>> it's a huge difference. more money to spend at the beach. >> reporter: gas prices are 20 cents below what they were this time last year and they're still falling. >> every week since easter, over seven weeks, we've had consistently down, down, down. >> reporter: while down is good when it comes to the cost of gasoline, there is one negative, the lower prices are inspiring more people to drive this holiday weekend, so the roads and bridges are expected to be packed. the key? travel during the off-peak hours. i. >> cannot stand traffic, i make sure to get up early and i think i missed most of the traffic. >> we leave at 6:00 a.m., any time afternoon is traffic is and you miss the whole day. >> reporter: now a lot of people work a half-day on this friday or their offices allow them to leave early. we're expecting things to pick up later on this afternoon. the rum of thumb here is if you get too late of start and you
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don't want to stand in the gridlock traffic, then it's best to wait until after 10:00 tonight to try to cross the bay bridge. so you've got to kind of decide what's more important to you, sitting in the traffic and getting there sooner or having a more relaxed trip by waiting and leaving the house later. now with more on traffic, we're going to go to danella sealock. >> on i-95 it's looking slow already if you're making your way past lorton, when you start to see the volume pick up. i can tell you as you continue southbound getting closer and closer towards the occoquan, really jammed in that area. but you're moving, 35 miles per hour, 40 minutes to get from the beltway to quantico. as megan mentioned, looks good on route 50 eastbound, drive by and say hello to megan, you're nice and clear. a live look as you make your way past the bay bridge, back to you. >> say hello to megan. thank you. and taking a look outside right now, it seems like a great
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day in the making. we see some blue out there, certainly a lot better than it was a couple of hours ago, tom, good morning. >> good morning, this morning around the region we had a lot of clouds, but over the last hour and a half, the cloud cover is beginning to break up, we've got great weather for the getaway, if you're about to hit the road. all around our region, sunshine is breaking out. on the eastern shore there's still clouds after you cross the bay bridge and head off towards easton and cambridge. but then sunny from there, farther east. salisbury over to ocean city and the atlantic beaches, down to chincoteague, beautiful with sunshine. and temperatures are beginning to climb now that the sun is breaking out. 77 at reagan national. we are hitting the mid and upper 70s throughout much of maryland, virginia and west virginia. they've had a lot of sun this morning, it's hitting upper 70s, low 80s in many locations. charlottesville up to 80. for the rest of the afternoon. a few clouds coming through.
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warm and rather humid, we should be making it to the mid to upper 80s by the afternoon. feeling like summertime heading into the member yeorial day wee. we'll look at the beaches and the forecast heading back home next week, that's all coming up in a few minutes, barbara. >> thank you, tom. new today, the first-ever private supply ship is on its way to docking with the international space station. taking a live look now at the dragon x spacex dragon capsule, the iss has sent out a robotic arm to grab the capsule and bring it in for docking. the dragon has more than 1,000 pounds of food, clothing and supplies. it's scheduled to return to earth next thursday. eventually space x hopes to use the capsule to shuttle astronauts to the space lab. well, six months in prison, that's what one of mayor vincent gray's aides is facing for his role in scandal surrounding the mayor's 2010 campaign.
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howard brooks pled guilty in court yesterday, he admits he paid suleiman brown a minor mayoral candidate, who claims gray's campaign paid him to attack then-mayor, adrian fenty. according to court documents, brooks and at least two others funneled money to brown. just as marian barry tried to move past one controversy, he might have to address another potential problem. barry met with leaders of the asian-american community to address disparaging comments he made last month. while discussing racial tejss inned u.s., he used a term for polish immigrants that's also considered offensive. the comment comes as barry pledged to be more careful in choosing his words. he says he wants to work with groups from all backgrounds to make ward 8 a model for diversity. well today republican senate hopefuls in virginia will debate for the last time before voters head to the polls, former governor george allen is considered the front-runner to
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win the june 12th primary but he'll have to get past tea party leader, jamie rapke, minister ew jackson and bob marshall. allen is trying to win back the seat he lost to democrat jim webb six years ago and the gop winner will face former governor tim kaine. our time right now, seven minutes after 11:00, coming up, 33 years ago, hisdy appearance revolutionizeded search for missing children. today the man who accused of his death will appear in court. and six months after a florida mom went missing, the family says police are making progress. and suiting up for summer, the best swimwear for all body types. stay with us, we're coming right stay with us, we're coming right
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new information this morning on the charity started by a former penn state football coach accused of sexual abuse. jerry sandusky founded the second mile, and once was a public face of that charity. the charity is now asking a judge to allow it to transfer programs and millions of dollars in assets to a texas-based youth ministry that serves abused and neglected children. the people running the second
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mile say the charity has been financially crippled by the child sex abuse scandal. sandusky is charged with more than 50 counts of sexual abuse involving ten alleged cases with children. the man arrested in the killing of a 6-year-old who vanished decades ago is expected to make his first court appearance today. this comes 33 years to the day the boy disappeared in new york city. etan patz vanished while walking to his bus stop. new york police arrested 51-year-old pedro hernandez yesterday. police say hernandez admitted to luring the boy into a building, choking him and dumping his body in the trash. >> hernandez described to the detectives how he lured young etan from the school bus stop at west broadway and prince street. with the promise of a soda. >> and hernandez will be arraigned for second-degree murder today. patz was the first missing child to appear on a milk carton.
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well lawyers on both sides of the trayvon martin case are asking the judge to keep some of the evidence private. the evidence includes cell phone messages from george zimmerman, phone records from martin and witness information. normally, that information is part of the public record under florida law. both sides say releasing this information would make it difficult to find an impartial jury for this case. they also want a chance to review all of the evidence before deciding what the public should be allowed to see. today, jurors in the john edwards trial enter their sixth day of deliberations and they don't appear to be close to a verdict. jurors asked to review all 500 plus pieces of evidence, including details of money given to edwards during his 2008 presidential campaign. legal experts say the fact that the jury has requested the evidence again means they aren't close to agreeing on a verdict. orlando police say they're making progress in a search for a missing mother of three. police have created a special
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panel of 45 investigators to reexamine the evidence in michelle parker's disappearance. she's been missing since november 17th, the same day the episode of "the people's court" featuring her aired. parker and her ex-fiancé dale smith junior were on the show to settle a dispute over a $5,000 engagement ring. smith has been named as a prime suspect in her disappearance, but hasn't been charged. parker's mother and sister made a stop on the "today show," they say they hope smith is not responsible for parker's disappearance. >> since day one i have said that enter is if there is any other leads, that we'll follow them. unfortunately, there's just only one out there right now. but -- it would be very unfortunate to have those children grow up and be told one day that their mother disappeared because of their father. >> so far, orlando detectives have recovered michelle's phone and her car. but nothing else. well right now, hurricane
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bud is closing in on mexico. the storm is expected to make landfall today and it weakened a bit overnight and is now a category 2 hurricane warning with winds up to 102 miles per hour. the storm could dump a foot of rain, causing flash flooding and landslides there. starting today, virginians can prepare for the upcoming hurricane season and save money at the same time. emergency items like batteries, flashlights and first aid kits that cost under $60 will be exempt from the state's 5% sales tax. gener generators that cost less than $1,000 are also exempt. the tax holiday lasts through next thursday. we'll have to ask tom if he thinks it's too soon to think about all that. i guess not, with bud out there churning. >> and for us, our concern is usually in early, mid september, late september, early october, our normal time of having any threats around our region. today after the morning clouds broke out, the sunshine is
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beginning to heat us up. there's a partly cloudy sky over the potomac now, live view from our hd city camera everything is quite green from the rains we've had recently and it is rather humid, too. it's feeling like a summer-like morning. 77 at reagan national. dew point, a steamy 69, typical mid-summer humidity. a light breeze out of the south. we'll have the southerly flow with us through the rest of the day. over the last 12 hours, the wake of those overnight showers left some low clouds this morning. they're breaking up, still a little cloudiness on the eastern shore there from central delaware down to near cambridge, up towards east and still rather cloudy. but east of there, center ice and sunny from cape down to chincoteague, a beautiful day at the beach right now. lots of sunshine, heading to the mountains, it's beautiful, too. western maryland, much of the shenandoah valley, into west virginia, temperatures right now are climbing into the 80s already now up to morgantown,
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west virginia, it's 80 degrees, where the clouds have been lingering, it's cooler, mid and upper 70s throughout much of northern virginia, much of maryland and around the bay. over the last 12 hours, we can see a close-up view of the satellite showing breaks in the clouds all around our region and we'll have that situation through the rest of the afternoon, just a few clouds coming through from time to time. weak area of high pressure off the atlantic seaboard is going to be pumping in rather humid conditions on that sourly and southeasterly flow. mid and upper 80s throughout much of the region. higher temperatures in virginia, low 80s by mid afternoon. tonight if you'll be heading out this evening, we'll have a partly cloudy mild evening. temperatures in the low 80s by sunset. which today is at 8:23. by midnight down to the low 70s and by dawn tomorrow, down into the 60s. and heading to the beaches? well the water temperatures are just in the mid 60s. that is chilly. and that's going to play a factor in the weather at the beaches this weekend. with an onshore flow.
11:17 am
it will likely be cooler at the beaches. right there on the water, it will be in the 70s for highs on saturday, sunday and monday, memorial day and quite a bit of cloudiness on memorial day it looks like right now and it will be rather humid as well. as we go inland, though, a big difference, if you go a mile or two away from the waters, it's going to be near 90 degrees tomorrow and again on sunday. and again on memorial day. and again quite a bit of clouds around on sunday and monday. but some sunshine in and out as well. then it's back to work and school on tuesday. could get some showers and thundershowers that may linger into tuesday night and wednesday midday. after that, we ought to get some sunshine back and highs near 80 wednesday afternoon and again on thursday afternoon. earlier this week i traveled to the stenwood elementary school in vienna in fairfax county county, talked to these kindergartners, we had a lot of fun talking about all the different types of weather. i want to thank their teacher,
11:18 am
jenny flynn for the invitation to talk to these bright and happy kindergartners at vienna's stenwood elementary school in fairfax county. it was a lot of fun. >> it looks like it. all right, tom, thank you. now we check in on the midday traffic, danella, how is it looking? >> delays still, barbara. a live look northbound i-95 in virginia, you're nice and clear, southbound is where we have our issues, a live look at lorton, travel speed, 35 miles per hour. from the beltway to quantico. that trip taking you about 39 minutes right now. okay. the good news is at least you are moving. you're seeing a lot of congestion, but you're moving just pretty slow at this time. now traveling along i-270, a live look at clarksberg. traveling north and southbound, no issues to report here. and as you make your way southbound to the beltway, nice and clear. barbara, back to you. 18 minutes after 11:00 is the time now and still ahead on "news4 midday" -- dreading a
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trip to the pool? we have the stress-freeway to pick your summer swimwear, you'll want to see this. plus, remembering the godfather of go-go. where you can pay your respects to the d.c. icon. but first, here's a look at what's hot on [ male announcer ] here's a friendly reminder.
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well, you know it's true -- we women hate shopping for swimsuits. it can be a dreaded experience, but it's that time of year. the pools are opening, people are headed for the beach. so today, we're working to make your next swimsuit shopping trip a little less stressful. silla winer from silen of washington joins us. this is not something we like doing. ky remember when all we had to do when we were little, straight up and down was decide on the cover. now we have to decide what to cover up. what are the trends? >> trends this season are very varied. lots of color. lots of nautical. black of course is always a good, good basic to have in your wardrobe. kind of like the little black dress, you should have that little black suit. >> does that make you look smaller all over? >> it does. it does. a black suit is very flattering for any figure type. >> well you brought some
11:23 am
examples with you and we want to take a look at some of those. the first one you say will help to minimize the hips and thighs, a lot of us need that. >> this suit is by karla coletta. called kaleidoscope. it's got the sheer mesh in the center and has the matching skirt. this is a great skirt for anyone who is a little bit large in the hip area or the thigh area zwlxt she doesn't have to worry about that. >> no. >> but there are a lot of us who do. that's great to have the skirt as well. then you can wear it when you're on the pool deck or in the sand and then just drop it. >> you can wear it even if you're going to the lunch in the cabana or you can also wear it in the pool, if you're a little bit more self-conscience. this suit is also nice if you're a little busty. because it has an underwire in it. >> that's very nice. all of her suits are made with underwires, which gives us a little bit added support. >> that's really gorgeous and great color and a beautiful
11:24 am
model wearing it. the next one you say features color-blocking, what will this suit do for snu. >> this is a beautiful suit by eres from france. eres has a unique way of creating their suit. there's absolutely no support in this suit. as you can see, it looks fabulous on her, but it will look fabulous on anybody regardless of your figure flaws. the color-blocking here is really nice, because the bottom part lets you minimizes your tummy or your hip area. where the black band right in the middle accentuates and gives you a smaller waistline appearance. the colors are fabulous. they look great on just about anybody. especially on cat with her red hair. >> so the color blocking will help to minimize parts of the body. does it sort of streamline because you're looking at the color? >> what it does is as you can see on this one, the bottom is a
11:25 am
little bit darker, so that will make your bottom look a little bit smaller. and it brings your attention up to the bust area. the aqua in the straps is also great because it then brings your attention up to the shoulders, what every woman really wants to do is maximize their positives. and minimize the negts so whatever you feel your figure flaws are, even if you have great shoulders or whatever, this -- >> will work. >> gorgeous, we've got a couple more we want to show, so let's move along and bring out our next one. tell us what this suit is good for. >> this suit is a tank eveni, if you're very long-torsoed. many many of us have just had baby or have put on a couple of pounds so this little skirted bottom is very nice, because it covers up the hill area. but yet, it's a little bit sexy. the top can be converted into a bando, so you don't have to worry about any line, tanning
11:26 am
lines. and what's nice about this is that you can buy this suit in a medium top and an extra small bottom if you need to. >> that will make a big difference for a lot of us, that's really great and it can cover the tummy if you've got one. which she hasn't got, thank you so much, that's just beautiful. tell us about the next suit that's coming up. >> the next suit, she's wearing a cover-up by island company. this is a great shirt, you can multitask with this shirt. it can go on top of a bathing suit or on top of a pair of jeans and can you can wear it out to dinner or for some lunch. underneath she's wearing a shoshanna suit, they come bust-sized, we carry suits up to g-cup, so that is good and again you can mix and match the bottom. >> i was going to ask you about that. so the size and the shoes are
11:27 am
just fantastic. in fact if we can bring all the models back out and we can have a quick peek at the shoes they're wearing, they won't go on the beach, but they'll go poolside restaurants, cabana as you were saying, great-looking shoes, fabulous idea and of course, we've got the flip-flops over here are always a good idea as well. flip-flops for the beach in all kinds of designs, thank you so much, silla, for bringing the models and showing us how to make ourselves look presentable on the beach. >> thank you for having me. >> you guys are great, thank you. >> coming up in the next half hour, a midnight mystery, where two wounded men showed up this morning at almost the same time. plus -- >> the preakness and triple crown, will be on the line. >> a threat to the crown? the serious charges a potential triple crown-winning trainer is facing. and tom kierein back with a look at the forecast. great weekend for those bathing suits.
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right now on "news4 midday," the spacex has attached to the international space station and is preparing to dock in just a few minutes. spacex is the first-ever private spaceship. it's delivering 1,000 pounds of food and supplies to the iss and will return to earth next week. the roads are not too bad as drivers are getting a head start for memorial day weekend. i-95 south is congested, but cars are still moving out there. and on route 50 east it's smooth sailing so far today. hundreds of thousands are expected to travel this weekend, one of the most popular locations is the beach and the bay bridge will be packed all day as travelers get out of town. and it's a sure sign of summer, d.c. mayor vincent gray is officially opening the city's outdoor pools right now. here's a live look. 19 pools, 11 spray parks and
11:32 am
five kiddie pools are opening this weekend. mayor gray is also unveiling the new rosedale community center, which has a new pool, gym and artificial turf field as well. and speaking of summer, let's see what tom has to tell us about the kind of weather we're going to have out there for folks who are going to be around here and those traveling, too. >> great pool weather around our region for today and tomorrow and the weekend. and as we look at the beaches, though, it's with an onshore flow going to be cooler there, in the 70s, but inland, away from the waters, it's going to be hotter. we're heating up, there's the sunshine pore pouring down on the monuments in our live view. just past 11:30 now, the cloud cover we had earlier this morning has been breaking up and we will have a partly cloudy afternoon. temperatures right now are well into the 70s to near 80 degrees, it should be reaching the perhaps mid and upper 80s across much of virginia. right across washington, much of
11:33 am
maryland should be peaking in the low to mid 80s by mid afternoon. by tonight, partly cloudy, 70s by the evening, 60s by dawn saturday. tomorrow, a mostly sunny day with highs reaching near 90. near 90 on sunday, but more clouds around. as well as on on memorial day. and we look at the beaches, it looks like we'll have cooler weather there, highs in the 70s. work and school tuesday, it looks like rain, perhaps thunder and lightning that may linger into wednesday morning. barbara? >> thank you so much. the kickoff to the summer season isn't keeping metro from doing weekend track work. four stations on the green line will close tonight. green belt, college park, prince george's plaza and west high ya hyattsville. buses will get you around and work starts tonight at 10:00, will last through the holiday on monday. let's check with danella to see how things are looking on the roads right now.
11:34 am
danella? >> good morning, barbara. as you mentioned if you're traveling on route 50, things look good for you right now. nice and clear as you make your way towards the bay bridge, no issues. however, i-95 in virginia is bad. traveling i-95 in maryland, past 100, nice and clear, heading to new york, nice and clear. but southbound, take a look at this very slow at the occoquan. you're under speed from the beltway, to the occoquan, you're driving at about 30 miles per hour. looking about a 21-minute drive right now. barbara, back to you. >> are you going to get in the traffic? >> yes, unfortunately i am, along with all my family. a mystery in fairfax county county after a man showed up to the county courthouse with a gunshot wound and another walks into a nearby hospital with a stab wound. police looking to figure out if the cases are connected. the shooting victim showed up at the fairfax county general district court around midnight. news4's tracee wilkins has the latest from the scene.
11:35 am
>> reporter: fairfax county police spokesman say they're still trying to figure out exactly what they're dealing with here. now they know that they have two victims, stabbing victim and a gunshot victim. but they don't know exactly what led to this happening. now the gunshot victim showed up here at a fairfax county county courthouse just before midnight last night. police say he was transported there by a friend who was trying to help. he told police that his stabbing happened in chantilly. he is now being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. then shortly after that, another victim shows up at the fair oaks hospital. but this man is suffering from a stab wound. he also told police that his stabbing happened in chantilly. but police say beyond that right now, neither one of the victims are being very cooperative, so they don't have a lot of information. but they do believe that these folks knew each other and that this may have resulted in some kind of an argument that happened at a chantilly bar. it's very strange where they both ended up. but because neither one of them
11:36 am
are being very cooperative at this point, police say they don't have a lot of information to go on. at this point, we have no suspect information and no information about possible arrests for either one of the victims in fairfax county, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. and elderly man is in the hospital after being burned in a kitchen fire. it happened just before 10:00 last night at the home on old meadow road in mclean, virginia. firefighters say the 91-year-old suffered third-degree burns. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. just how much of an impact is president obama having on the efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in maryland? check out the results of a new public policy poll. according to that poll, 57 of likely voters in maryland say they'll vote in favor of same-sex marriage if the issue makes it on to november's ballot. 37% of likely voters say they're against making the marriages legal.
11:37 am
the 20-point margin was just 12 in march and pollsters say the shift is almost entirely due to a change in attitude by african-american voters. maryland lawmakers may have to wait until next year to decide whether to expand gambling in the states. republicans in the house of delegates say they oppose a special legislative session to address the gambling issue. they say special sessions should only be called in times of true crisis. earlier, governor martin o'malley said a special session could be held in july if a group discussing gambling reaches an agreement. lawmakers are thinking of allowing table games in maryland casinos and allowing a seeno in prince george's county. a warning in prince george's county police if someone calls you claim that you've just won millions of dollars in a sweep stakes it may be a scam. they say con artists just scammed a 70-year-old out of thousands of dollars, they told her she had won 2.5 million dollars and a new mercedes if she gave them $8,000 in gift
11:38 am
cards to cover the cost of taxes. fortunately the woman's bank became suspicious when she withdrew $8,000 in cash. they alerted police who froze payment on 11 of the gift cards she bought. >> i think we have a good police force and it was pure luck, maybe the good lord was on our side. >> police say they fear there are other victims out there who are too embarrassed to come forward. well today we're learning the details of how you can say good-bye to the godfather of go-go, chuck brown. thousands of his fans are expected to attend a public viewing and memorial next week. the viewing will take place next tuesday at the howard theater from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. the memorial service will happen next thursday from noon until 3:00 p.m. at the washington convention center. chuck brown died last week at the age of 75. he had been suffering from pneumonia. our time is 11:38, still
11:39 am
ahead on "news4 midday," if you need a break from the holiday sun, more summer movie blockbusters are on their way this weekend. including a blast from the past. plus, forget a facelift, a nose job. both men and women are going after new surgery for a new look. we'll tell you about it, stay w[ male announcer ] are youay paying more and more for cable
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blame it it on face time and skype, chin implants surged in 2011. it surged more than breast augmentation, botox and liposuction combined. dr. steven hopping joins us with more on why people are choosing this surgery. what is the reason? i'm heard that it's face time and i can tell you, when that face time picture shows up, even if i'm not punching to pull it up, i don't like what i see, either. >> this was a big surprise in the study. these are not the most common
11:43 am
procedures, breast and lipo is more common. but the implants went up 71% in one year. that's phenomenal. and we're, the study suggests that social media may have an impact. people using skype and using face time or using their videos, they're usually bent down and you see double chin, they want to get rid of it and they do it with chin and lipo. >> they focus on that more than anything else. >> tell us what chin augmentation is. exactly what is it? >> it's something we've done for a long time. it does use an plastic implant which means it's synthetic, but we've been using them for decades, it's always been a great value. because people look better with stronger chins, especially men. it gives us a more youthful neckline. so it does have rejuvenation qualities, it's an easy procedure to do, it can be done in about an hour. about a week's recovery of bruising and it's permanent it lasts forever.
11:44 am
we have differences, that's a substantial difference. >> it gives a stronger neckline to women. >> that's the only thing. >> and certainly for men, one study of ceos showed the majority of ceos have strong chins, so and it can be done through small incisions and combined with liposuction as we see in that case, can be very dramatic, almost looks like a face lift. >> you wouldn't notice it until you see the difference it really does make a difference. >> did looks natural. nobody can tell you've had a chin implant. >> what are the bell fits. >> it gives you a longer-lasting, better neckline. it gives men a stronger look. a bit more of a macho look. it gives women a better neckline. it gives people with double chins, can you get rid of that. here are the implants. this is a tiny little thing, put it right here under there? >> that's a goatee, that goes
11:45 am
here this goes here. >> it goes here goes here. it goes on top. >> it augustments this way. you see. >> not underneath. >> these are anatomic. >> this is sal small and that's the jay littlo you have there. >> i'm not sure if anybody wants to go that far. jay leno definitely has a strong chin. is there any scarring or other -- >> it can be put if through the mouth. about you if you're combining with liposuction, as we usually do, a very small incision under the chin line. which nobody sees, we all have a scar from falling off our tricycles when we were children. >> will it get rid of a double chin? >> yes. >> will injectables do that as well? >> yes, you can do radiesse or restalyne injections. >> you can try it on, if you like it and it doesn't last, you can consider surgery. the interesting thing is how the social media is affecting our
11:46 am
views of esthetics. a similar thing happened with lasix surgery this he could see their eyes there was a big boom with blepharoplasty surgery. >> we'll see if the boom continue, thanks for coming. stocks are opening mixed. we'll check in with cnbc's seema mody who joins us with that and the rest of the day's business headlines. >> good afternoon i should say to you. taking a look at the markets right now, the dow trading lower, even though consumer sentiment rose to a four-month high today. investors remain fixated on europe, most recently on spain where regional banks are struggling with their finances. in terms of news that we're following today, once again, facebook. no big surprise there. it's been a week since facebook went public. but the drama continues, morgan stanley will be adjusting thousands of trades involving facebook shares, sources tell cnbc that no trades from facebook's first day will be filled at more than $42.99 per
11:47 am
share. that includes limit orders to sell shores at $43 or higher. those details come from a conference call with brokers. meanwhile, "reuters" reports that fidelity investments reports it's working with thousands of clients affected by issues related to facebook's ipo. so it does seem that resolution is trying to be made. more and more developments we keep receiving the facebook ipo. back over to you. >> seema, have a great weekend. the "men in black." ♪ >> we're in a situation. >> that's right. the "men in black" are back. will smith and tommy lee jones return for the third installment of the blockbuster franchise. in this film, smith has to
11:48 am
travel back in time and team up with a young agent named k. they discover secrets as they try to save the universe. "men in black iii" is rated pg-13. you might want to stick to a more traditional tour overseas after seeing "chernobyl diaries." six vacationers in the ukraine sign up for an extreme tour of the normer nuclear reactors. as they go through the city, they realize they're not alone. and wes anderson is back with his latest adventure, "moonrise kingdom" the story of two children who fall in love and run away together in the wilderness. the peaceful new england island community is turned uide-down in trying to find them. bruce willis stars in this quirky tale. "moonrise kingdom" is rated pg-13. coming up, fresh ideas for memorial day weekend with 94.7s tommy mcfly. tommy mcfly. plus we're
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every driver is different, and we've got great news for them all. now you can try snapshot from progressive before you switch your insurance. just plug snapshot into your car and drive like you, to see if your good driving
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could save you up to 30%. so, try the new way to save that's as unique as you are. snapshot -- only from progressive. 2078 tommy mcfly from 94.7 fm is here. >> thank you for having me. >> this is interesting.
11:52 am
let's start with this. is this woman who broke off her engagement and is now being sued by her ex-fiancé. he wants past rent, wedding costs and money he says she took from the bank account. let's listen to what they said on the "today show." >> this has nothing to do with revenge. this is something that you know, i had informed my attorney that she was on the lease. both times. that we lived together and she was very adamant about being on the lease because in her words, it was our place. and you know, i said, that's not a problem because i love you and we're going to get married and eventually it's going to be our money, anyway. >> i can understand why he's emotional about it. you know, we started planning a wedding and it was really over the top. it was nothing that i wanted, nothing that i could ever afford for myself. if it were up to me, i would just want a small little wedding and it was too much for me. >> okay. so what do you say? weigh in on this. does he deserve the money? >> it brings up a wonderful point. you never really see the dude in like the victim kind of role
11:53 am
after a break-up like this. but he's suing, which is ridiculous, i think, but then he did the whole like "today show" i'm the victim interview. where he's like matt this is horrible for me, you know. >> do you think he's after revenge? >> i think he's really upset that the girl of his dreams broke his heart and he's filing papers about it. >>s we love your opinions on this thing. let's move on to train. something you know more about -- >> i had a blast with train. >> they were here. >> they came to hamilton live with fresh fm for one ever our shows, they're such great guys, pat and jimmy and scott and we talked about everything from their music to a collaboration they have going on with sesa"se stree street", check it out. >> we just did "sesame street," one of the highlights. we did drive-by with elmo. and it was called -- "five guys." there were like, and then the count would go -- uh-uh uh-uh.
11:54 am
>> he's on tv on the "sesame street" show. >> he will be singing with them, do you think they'll have a video, too? >> an upcoming episode and the whole podcast are at the >> you find out if elmo can dance. >> he can get jiggy with it, he can move. >> dell us about your weekend? >> we have freshtival, our first-ever big concert with erin willett from the voice, she'll be performing, opening up for the one and only adam lambert. tickets are available, show up at the door. we have a whole afternoon of music, food trucks and a kid zone and memorial day fireworks on the potomac at night at dusk. >> folks love erin willett. >> she's the best. >> it goes to show you, you do not have to win to get a lot of attention. >> she was on the show this morning and she debuted her
11:55 am
brand-new some called "home" and she'll be on news4 at 4:00 to preview it. >> can't wait. always good to see you. starting today, expect to see the streets of the district packed with motorcycles, each memorial day weekend, the group will be here for the vietnam's veteran's memorial. the big event is thousands will gather and ride to the vietnam veteran's memorial. the ride is followed by a gathering in front of the lincoln memorial. motorists should be prepared for rolling street closures on sunday. i'll have another has a chance to become the first triple crown winner in 34 years. but his shot is being overshadowed by trouble for his trainer. doug o'neill will be suspended after the belmont stakes. one of o'neill's other hourses was found to have high levels of carbon dioxide after a race two years ago that is sometimes a
11:56 am
sign that the horse has been given an illegal performance-enhancing mixture. o'neill denies that charge and california racing officials agree with limb but he still will be suspended and fined $15,000 because of a rule that says trainers are ultimately responsible for their horses. going to take a look at some stories we're following for news4 this afternoon. coming up at 4:00, erin willett joins us live in the studio to toque about her experience on hit show "the voice." they don't take reservations and the word is out tonight at 5:00, "washington post" food critic tom sitezma dishes out his review of green pig bistro. you'll want to hear it. tom, have you been there? >> no, better to be outside. it's going to be beautiful. a great first start to our summer. it's going to feel like summer. there is the live view from our hd city camera the monuments
11:57 am
under a partly cloudy sky. as we approach the noon hour and we have temperatures warming up right now, under this partly cloudy sky. a few clouds on the ear shorn, those are breaking up right now as well. and we're starting off no travel problems weatherwise if you're about do head out on this memorial day weekend. 81 now at reagan national. beginning to climb into the 80s, the areas in orange hitting around 80 degrees. the areas in yellow are still in the 70s, later today, mid to upper 80s during the afternoon. partly cloudy on saturday, 60s in the morning, afternoon highs near 90. near 90 on sunday and monday. both of those days, though, will probably have kwirt a bit of clouds around. but nonetheless, you'll still need your sunblock and definitely stay hydrated. it's going to be hot and rather humid. our first real heat wave, if you will, of the season. and as we get into tuesday, though, heading back home, and getting back to work and school, it looks like we could get some showers and thundershowers that may linger into wednesday
11:58 am
morning, partly cloudy after that. and by the way, the beaches over the weekend with an onshore flow, water temperatures in the 60s, it's going to feel cool at the beaches, only in the low to mid 70s during the afternoon. so enjoy. have a great time. >> it sounds wonderful, doesn't it? are you going to be here monday? >> i will be, see you monday morning. >> we'll see you then. that's it for "news4 midday" for today and for this week. we thank you for being with us and invite you to tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. we'll be back monday, celebrating memorial day with you. "news4 midday," we're here at 11:00, see you monday.
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